enGene Culture

enGene Culture

Health is a fundamental human need - ailing health can be debilitating and devastating. At enGene, we strive to revolutionize medicine. We envision a world in which gene therapy is the preferred, affordable, and accessible solution at the forefront of patients’ treatment. We intend to be the leader in disease treatment by providing safe and innovative gene therapies that improve patients’ quality of life. This is what drives us. This is our vision. This is our mission.

The purpose of this section of our website is to highlight our unique company culture.

Like all companies, we strive to hire top tier talent into an environment that is built upon trust, respect, honesty, integrity, inclusivity, innovation, teamwork, and the like. But our culture is unique in that we have gone to great lengths to articulate exactly what we mean by these commonly used terms.

We foster and encourage the practice of the behaviors that define our core values. The more these values resonate with you, the more likely you are to be a great addition to our cause.


  • The perspective of the patient informs every decision we make
  • We get first-hand patient information and use it for improvements in our products and services
  • We act with patient community in mind; establish and maintain effective relationships with patient communities
  • We genuinely care about peoples’ quality of life
  • We make ourselves is available and ready to help
  • We are sympathetic to the plight of others with real empathy during times of joy and pain
  • We raise issues as we see them impact the patient; from bench to bedside and back.


  • We always do the right thing in both good and bad times
  • We present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner
  • We practice what we preach
  • We hold each other accountable to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external stakeholders; these include as patients, employees and partners, regulatory agencies, payers, shareholders
  • We reward the right values and speak up when we see derailment
  • We are direct, truthful, transparent and candid individuals – this builds trust
  • We are not political and will not say anything about anyone that we would not say directly to them
  • We keep confidences; admit our mistakes openly and do not misrepresent for personal gain
  • We always make the best data-driven decisions
  • We stand by our decisions with conviction
  • We generate conclusions that turn out to be correct and accurate when judged over time


  • We create opportunity for originality, encourage brainstorming sessions, and encourage the creative process of others
  • We foster new ideas
  • We challenge prevailing assumptions because we are open minded to the world of possibilities
  • We are solution focused and are not complacent to seemingly insurmountable challenges
  • We see ahead clearly and see around corners
  • We embrace transformation and are fearless in our vision for the future


“Teamwork makes the dream work”

  • We communicate – this means that we
    • Encourage respectful and healthy debates
    • Swiftly resolve conflicts by accurately being able to re-state the opinions of others
    • Demonstrate mutual trust and respect
  • We practice attentive and active listening
  • We support each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • We motivate and promote each other to share ownership and transparency
  • We appreciate our priorities and facilitate their distribution
  • We are inclusive and collaborative of constructive decisions
  • We hold each other accountable to get things done
  • We display ambition, drive, and focus for our work
  • We have the founder’s mentality – “this is my company as much as it’s yours”
    • Have pride
    • Invest yourself

The process of articulating these values and agreeing to them was nearly trivial. We are not disillusioned to think that it will be easy to live by these values and we carry ourselves with eyes wide open to hold each other accountable. Every one of our teammates is expected to question whether their actions are consistent with our values. It is a process of continuous improvement and reinvention.

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.

-Émile Zola


We recognize that our science and our culture will both require tireless efforts to materialize into something special.

But we’re up for the challenge.

That’s what we’re here to do.

To achieve our mission.

To fulfil our vision.

That’s what drives us.